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What is the Model Portfolio
Model Portfolio (Values are as of 6/28/2019) The theoretical Model was developed after receiving many requests from students for something that would help them structure their own individual portfolios. The Model uses the market timing indicators on the website's cockpit to help make its selections. If you go to the cockpit, you will see timing indicators for the Dow, NASDAQ, gold, bonds, dollar, and Crude Oil. The current Model was established on 26 February after seeing our "test model" gain 22+ percent from January 7 to 25 February. It started using a theoretical $100,000 divided into 4 pots of $25K each. The intent was to have $25K invested into ETFs for the Dow, NASDAQ, Gold and Crude Oil. However, because the signals have been mixed on the Dow and NASDAQ for most of the time the Model has been active, the Model has shied away from investments in those vehicles. It has mostly focused on Gold and Crude Oil. Recently, because the Russell 2K generated a Sell Signal, some money intended for the NASDAQ was used to buy shares of TWM, the inverse ETF for the Russell 2K. So far, the Model is up about 17+ percent since inception which translates to an annualized IRR of about 60+ percent. This does not include the gain of the ‘test model’, which if included would make the returns even higher. Changes to the Model Portfolio are discussed in The Professor's comments throughout the week.


As always, the Professor never makes recommendations. The information is provided on an educational basis so you can have informed discussions with your financial advisors and/or accountants about your individual investment decisions.

All of the commentary expressed in this site and any attachments are opinions of the author, subject to change, and provided for educational purposes only. Nothing in this commentary or any attachments should be considered as trading advice. Trading any financial instrument is RISKY and may result in loss of capital including loss of principal. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Always understand the RISK before you trade.