1. Participating in any of the Professor's On-Line Events is a two (2) step process.

    2. Step one is for payment and the second is to register with the on-line system. Each step is a separate process.

    3. First step is the payment

      1. Just log into the TheMarket101 web site and on the Menu select Member Services then Private Event Schedule or On-Line Event Schedule and select the Buy Now Button for the Active Event (Has a GREEN border around Event Information).

    4. Second step is the registration with the On-Line System.

      1. Once step one is completed you need to Register with the On-Line system from the same Event Schedule page shown in step 1.

      2. Select the Register link shown under the Event Heading Registration. Enter your name and email address where asked. Within approximately 24 hours you will receive a Registration Approved email.

    5. Do not forget to register. Without registering you will not be able to access the On-Line Class.
    6. Without REGISTERING you will not have access to the class.